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  Strategic Advisory Services
  The Strategic Advisory Group at Npower corp offers a comprehensive range of services assisting clients in every sphere of real estate decision making. The SAG provides innovative solutions to complex real estate challenges through its unparalleled experience and market knowledge in the local and global context.

The Strategic advisory Group provides a wide range of real estate consulting services to developers, investors, advisors and lenders seeking assistance with existing assets, potential acquisitions, new development projects and properties slated for disposition:
  Feasibility reports on projects
  Investment advice
  Market research and analysis, demand forecasting
  Financial planning project structuring exercises
Real estate and economic consulting services to public-sector and non-profit organizations including local, state and central government entities; foundations; education institutions:
  Optimum utilization of assets
  Optimal development strategies, highest and best use studies
  Economic development and redevelopment studies
  Asset and revenue maximization studies
  Disposition strategies
Strategic Advisory services to corporations seeking to optimize corporate real estate holdings:
  Strategic real estate planning
  Optimization and re-engineering strategies
  Expansion and occupancy strategies
  Location and entry strategies
Areas of Consulting Interest
  Core Infrastructure - Airport Real Estate, Transit Oriented Developments, Industrial Parks, Special Economic Zones, City Centres
  Townships - New City Developments, Integrated Townships, Residential Townships
  Retail and Entertainment - Shopping Malls, Theme Parks, Entertainment Centers, Cinema Halls, Multiplexes, Golf Courses
  Leisure and Hospitality - Hotels, Conference Centers , Condo Hotels, Serviced Apartments, Resorts, Health Spas.
  Information Technology - Knowledge Parks , IT Parks, Science Parks , Biotech Parks
  Asset & Property Valuation
Accurate and reliable valuations are critical to the success of every real estate investment. The Valuation & Advisory Services (VAS) team has been at the forefront in providing specialized and professional valuations services customized to the needs of private and public sector clients.

Areas of Consulting Interest
  Private Sector: Indian and Multinational Corporates, Banks, Investors, Developers, Land Owners
Appraisal and valuation of properties for transaction/mortgage/insurance purposes, acquisitions, disposal, investments, portfolio monitoring, debt/equity funding, securitization, megers/take-overs, statutory requirements etc.
  Government Sector: Central Government, State governments, Municipal Bodies, Development Agencies, Embassies
Valuations for land acquisition, project financing, disposal, joint venture structuring, optimal utilization, asset maximization etc.


  Investment Advisory Services
The Investments team brings in a combination of in-depth market knowledge, real estate industry experience and financial structuring skills to offer a range of specialized real estate investment banking services. By offering these services, we provide innovative solutions to clients interested in real estate investments, unlocking value from real estate assets through structured sales, joint venture arrangements and leveraged deals (debt).

Investors and owners benefits from the team's experience and exposure in having pioneered some of the largest real estate transactions in the Indian context. Reliable and detailed financial engineering analyses supports our valuations, transaction structures and negotiations to create effective and viable solutions around complex transactions.The range of services offered by the Investments and Structured Finance team includes:

Equity and Debt Placement in income-generating real estate assets that are transacted on a yield basis, including securitization and sale & leasebacks.
Structured Finance facilitating equity/debt into development projects on behalf of private and government sector clients. This includes structuring Development Financing, Public - Private - Partnerships, Joint Ventures and Portfolio Transactions.
Privatization Exercises includes representation of both buyers and sellers in the strategic sale of state owned enterprises.

Npower corp provides property owners and investors with comprehensive sale, leasing and marketing services for a full range of income-producing properties, including office, industrial and retail buildings. Similarly, we represent clients seeking to occupy space, identifying properties that meet their specific needs and negotiating the purchase or lease agreements on their behalf.

  Property Management Group
  Setting up of pre and post completion property and facilities management systems
  Complete audit of services - both for new as well as running facilities
  Facility Management of Corporate Facilities
  Property Management for Developers, large corporate and the Government sector
  Energy Auditing
  Economy Engineering Audits
  Electrical & Mechanical Services
  Energy and Safety Audits.
  Financial Management
  Occupant Management
  Fleet / Transport Management
  Cafeteria / Catering Management

We partner with our clients to facilitate an efficient transition, lower operating costs while maintaining quality service levels and provide accurate, timely property accounting and reporting.

Successful facility management is more than just creating a functional workplace-it's creating a workplace that functions to meet the evolving demands of the core business. Our Facility Managers collaborate with each client to identify and implement strategic facilities management solutions designed specifically to improve value - Customizing our services to provide the best solution for companies of any size, with requirements large and small.
  Project Management, Software and Business Intelligence
A few advantages that the Client stands to gain by appointing Enpower corp as their Project Managers to handle their Project are:
  A healthy mix of International Best Practices and Local Experience in handling projects. This enables us to fine-tune our standard services to suit the client's particular needs, aspirations and Project requirements.
  A comprehensive management and delivery of the project with a single point of responsibility and information.
  Dedicated monitoring of the Project leaves the client with more time to devote to their core business rather than to the Project.
  Access to a wide database of the best service providers from the country or abroad. We have a comprehensive database of Architects, Technical Consultants, Contractors and Suppliers, enabling us to put together the "best-fit" team for the Project.
  Periodic Reporting on the critical areas of the Project with respect to Budget, Time and Quality, keeping the client informed about the progress of the Project at any given point of time.
  Time tested Standard Formats and Procedures of Project Management ensure a transparent Project delivery system. Our procedures and practices are subject to a periodic Internal Audit, which ensures a standardized Project delivery system.
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